Five top tips for Removals to Portugal

Here are five handy tips based on our experiences moving to (and from) Portugal

My wife and I have arranged two removals to Portugal, and one in the opposite direction. As such, we’ve got some quite useful advice to offer about the process. Here are five handy tips based on our experiences:
1. Get several quotes
The removals industry is very competitive; so don’t say “yes” to the first quote you obtain. You may be able to reduce the cost with a different company, or even by playing quotes off against each other. Just make sure you use a company with a good reputation – cheapest doesn’t mean best!
2. Take a good inventory
You may find that your removals firm doesn’t insist on a detailed removal inventory, but the need for one is probably hidden in the terms and conditions. 
If the worst happens, and items are lost or damaged, a proper inventory, complete with item values, will help you claim on your insurance - which, needless to say, should be taken out to cover the appropriate value of your shipped goods.
3. Collect boxes in advance
Don’t leave it until the last minute and buy a batch of moving boxes from a self-storage company. The price of these packs is quite ridiculous, and you can save money by gradually collecting boxes, or even looking on eBay, Gumtree or local sell and exchange websites in advance.
4. Think about what you really need
Shipping costs are generally worked out by the cubic metre. So, unless items are of particular sentimental value, it makes no sense at all to pay more for a cubic metre of shipping than a cubic metre of possessions is worth!
On this basis, try not to be too much of a hoarder, and think about whether you REALLY need everything you plan to take. Portugal does have shops!
5. Get the timings right
Many removal companies do their run to Portugal and back on a weekly or fortnightly basis. This can mean that if you get the timings wrong, you could be waiting at your new home for the arrival of your possessions for quite a while. 
So, get an idea of the regular schedule in advance, and then you can time your flights appropriately, so you don’t have too long to wait.

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