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Meet Marina Pasquill, our Portugal property expert on the Algarve. Marina made the move to the Algarve just over four years ago, and in that time has built up an invaluable resource to help you decide to move to the Algarve or invest in property there. Here, she outlines how:


I’ve made all the mistakes there are to make
I moved here four and half years ago with a four-year-old child. I am the real deal. I’ve made all of the mistakes that it is possible to make. Despite having a Portuguese mother, I didn’t speak a word. I knew absolutely nothing about the systems, the schools, anything. All of my knowledge has been acquired by doing things myself. I learnt the intricacies of setting up a life over here the hard way and am here to impart that knowledge on you.


Understand the importance of getting the right help
It wasn’t until I started working in real estate that I realised just how much time and money I could have saved myself if I had just got myself a lawyer. It took me nearly three years to get my Portuguese ID card – if I had gone to a lawyer, it would have taken six months. These are the kinds of things you need to know -  which services are worth the cost, and which you can do yourself. A good lawyer here is worth their weight in gold. So much gets lost in translation! You can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by just reaching out to the right people, and I can point you in their direction.


A safety net
Nowadays, I’m not looking to sell anyone a property. This makes me an invaluable reference point for you to come back and check things with. I can offer important details like my thoughts on your developer, or which schools I would recommend. Let me give you an example of how this helped a client recently:

The client had gone to an agent, who had recommended a lawyer. The client came back to me to check whether I knew that the lawyer was reputable – it turned out it was my lawyer, and I couldn’t recommend her more highly! That’s the kind of small but important detail that I can help buyers with.


The right contacts
I have seen people view property with a real estate agent and then proceed to go straight to the developer behind the agents back. They think that this approach will save them money. In actual fact one particular client ended up paying €30,000 more than they needed to, just because they thought that they were being clever.

Agents work really hard to get listings here. There are so many checks enforced upon them that make it hard work to retain your real estate licence. For this reason, agents will try their best to only recommend services that they know to be good - they can’t risk recommending bad contacts. Portugal is a strict place to work. Consumers and clients read the news, and think that you can’t trust real estate agents but in actual fact, the real estate agents in Portugal are very trustworthy and reliable, especially the ones that I will put you in touch with. You can rest assured that I will definitely never put you in the wrong hands.


I can pre-empt what you need
I find that most people who want to buy here have only visited before on holiday. They haven’t really thought about how they are going to live here, and tend to have an idyllic view that every day will be just like it is when they are on holiday. In reality it is very different. I know the important factors that they need to take into consideration -and I can prompt them to think about these to ensure they make the sensible decisions needed to enjoy their lives here fully. Things like how will they get around? What are they going to do with themselves on a daily basis? Will they still enjoy living in that same isolated spot five years down the line? I understand that knowing the answers to these questions is the secret to a happy move.


Inside knowledge
I know the Algarve and the real estate industry, here very well. This means that I can advise you on anything, from which supermarket is the most similar to Waitrose, to which school you should try and get your child into. I know what is available on the Algarve, what the market is doing, and how to think laterally to help you to get the best from your investment.


Explain things clearly
If you don’t speak Portuguese and don’t understand the systems here, it can be a minefield. I understand the legalities and the processes and can explain these to you in clear, simple terms. This will give you peace of mind and always guarantees that you know where you stand.


I adore the Algarve. Moving here with my daughter absolutely changed our lives for the better. I want to help people achieve that same happy ending – and I have the knowledge and the passion to help you to do that.

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