Different types of property

Choosing a property in Portugal doesn’t just mean deciding between a house and an apartment. 


People in Portugal don’t necessarily live in quite the same way as the country you’re coming from, so it makes sense to learn about your housing options. You will need to consider the type of property you are looking for in advance – for example, if you are selling up a house in the UK to move to Portugal permanently, a flat may not be the best choice for you! If you are planning on buying a property just for weekends away, then an apartment may be ideal.

Here are five types of property you will need to choose from in Portugal:


  1. A Villa

    The “sunshine villa” is probably what most people think about when they imagine a new life in Portugal. A villa is usually modern, probably with its own pool, and with a garden and some privacy around it.

You’ll find villas everywhere, but usually on the outskirts of towns, rather than within them. If you want a decent amount of space, but still want to remain closer to the action, our next option may be more to your taste.


  1. A Townhouse

A townhouse in Portugal can provide you with bags of space, especially as the Portuguese love roof terraces and balconies. However, typical townhouses are in semi-detached or terraced format, and as such, don’t usually offer the kind of privacy you will find in a “real” villa.

The trade-off is that townhouses often cost less, and for those who want to befriend the neighbours, provide more of a community feel – so long as you don’t mind the fact that people will hear your conversations over the fence!


  1. A Condominium Apartment

Condominium-style apartments are usually in developments of various sizes, and have some shared facilities – usually a pool and some gardens.

If you buy an apartment like this in a tourist area such as the Algarve, you may find a surprising amount of privacy off-season, as many of these developments practically empty out in the winter! You will often find townhouses on these developments as well as apartments.


  1. A Resort Property

Resort properties differ from condominium properties, as they usually provide access to a host of serviced facilities – meaning a lot more than just a pool.

At the top end of the market, this could mean a “golf villa,” and at the lower end, a studio apartment on an “all inclusive” style complex.

Although investing in this type of property may seem like the last thing you’d want to do, if you’re looking for a rental investment that you’re only going to use some of the time, it’s worth some consideration, as all those facilities will be very appealing to tourists.


  1. The Rustic Option

The “rustic option” could mean a traditional house in the middle of a town, or a sprawling “quinta” in the hills. These kinds of properties often appeal to first time expats, but it is easy to underestimate the maintenance and upkeep that may be required.

Even so, if you’re up for a project, you could get a lot of house for your money, and if you like the idea of “off grid” living and working the land, a rustic place in the country might be just what you want. However, if you have no experience of this kind of life, don’t jump in with both feet expecting it to be easy!

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