Ben's advice - Choosing the right location

Buying a property in Portugal is a rather exciting thing to do, especially when you first see what you can get for your money if you’re used to UK house prices!

Where to buy

However, it’s important not to get carried away and caught in the moment. Take the time to step back and consider the kind of Portuguese location you have in mind – after all, presumably you plan to settle in your property for years to come?

Here are some useful tips to help you choose the perfect place:

1.    Think about what’s around you

Many people first moving to Portugal are tempted by large rural properties, especially if they’re seeking a change from an urban existence. However, the reality of living somewhere in the middle of nowhere is often a little more complex than the dream.

So, if rural life is what you have in mind, think very carefully about what you can get to – specifically which amenities are within easy reach. Do you mind having to drive every time you forget a pint of milk or fancy a quick drink? If you do, you may be better off closer to town. 


2.    Consider the summer population

Some areas of Portugal, particularly the Algarve, have populations that multiply by ten or more times in the summer months – don’t visit in November and “sign on the dotted line” without being aware that the place could change and be prepared for the contrasts.


3.    Think about transport

Portugal’s public transport services aren’t very frequent, but are pretty reliable. So if you don’t want to be completely dependent on a car, it’s worth considering moving somewhere near a train station. The ability to get to your property without a hire car will also be good for letting potential, if you have that in mind...


4.    Consider letting potential

If your Portuguese property isn’t purely for your use, it could make sense to consider a typical tourist’s “wish list” alongside your own. Holidaymakers typically want sunshine in the evening, somewhere to have a barbecue, easy access to a beach and facilities close by. If you want a profitable rental investment, you may have to compromise some of your own requirements to make the place desirable to tourists.


5.    Think about the city!

Thinking about your proximity to a major city (i.e. Lisbon or Porto) is particularly important if you’re making a permanent move and want easy access to hustle, bustle and culture. If this is particularly important to you, you may wish to think about the Lisbon Coast (around Cascais), or the Silver Coast. Alternatively you could choose the eastern end of the Algarve, which is in easy reach of Seville.

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