Top five tips for eating out on a budget

Portugal is a very economical place to eat out, making dining in restaurants a regular pleasure, even for local families on low incomes.


Even with many affordable options for dining out in Portugal, it’s still possible to spend plenty of money on dining out if you’re not careful. Here are our top five tips to avoid this and eat well on a budget


Enjoy lunch instead of dinner

Many restaurants in Portugal (and the rest of the world) have low-cost lunch menus. Eat out at lunchtime, and you will likely pay far less than you would for an evening meal at the same establishment. There’s every chance you’ll get to enjoy your food in the sunshine too!


Look for tourist menus

It’s well worth looking for set “turistica” menus, which usually include soup, desserts and coffee as well as a main course. Many restaurants also offer an inexpensive “prato do dia.”

If you move a little further away from the tourist trail, you can still find three course meals with wine in Portugal for less then ten Euros.


Be careful on the coast

Tourist resorts often mean tourist prices, and you will usually have to pay a premium for that view of the sea.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t beachfront restaurant that are still a bargain – you just need to do your research.


Consider the cost of extras

Often, the more touristy establishments “nickel and dime” customers for extras—charging double the normal going rate for coffees, beers and other additions to the bill. Before you take a seat, look at these costs; if they seem excessive, it’s a good warning sign that you’re in a “tourist trap” establishment.


Watch out for “per KG” prices

Some of the high-end restaurants in Portugal charge for fish and shellfish by the kilogram. If you’re not careful, you can end up with a truly astronomical bill.

So, if you’re really conscious of the cost, avoid these menu items, or at the very least check what weight is involved in a typical portion.

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