Top five tips for transport in Portugal

Here are five tips to help you travel around Portugal by public transport

Portugal transport

Portugal has a fairly well developed public transport system, but if you’re used to systems in more populated countries, you will find that services aren’t quite as regular as you might expect. Even so, public transport is always an alternative to driving, as long as you do your research.

Here are five tips to help you travel around Portugal by public transport:


  1. Don’t expect much from busses at the weekend

It’s quite common to find that bus services that run regularly during the week run infrequently (or not at all) during the weekend, so it’s important to check timetables carefully.

One useful resource is the “Algarve Bus Info” website—an independent site set up by a local enthusiast.


  1. Book in advance for long distance travel

Most intercity bus and train services require you to book in advance; so don’t turn up expecting to just jump on. On many trains, seat reservations are compulsory too, and form part of your reservation.


  1. Consider first class

If you’re travelling by train, the price for first class doesn’t involve the huge leap in cost that you might expect from travel in the UK. So if you fancy a treat and some extra comfort, investigate the first-class price.


  1. Don’t ignore taxis

Taxis aren’t an economical option for a long journey in Portugal. Taxi airport transfers in the Algarve, for example, can be very expensive.

However, standard taxi rates aren’t punitively high, so if you are planning an evening out in a neighbouring town, a taxi needn’t be seen as a huge luxury. It also negates the need for a “designated driver.”


  1. Check where you arrive

Bus and train stations in Portugal are often on the outskirts of town, sometimes in less than desirable areas, so if you are travelling to somewhere unfamiliar by public transport (especially at night), make sure you know how to complete your onward journey.

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